1 12oz. bag of chocolate or coffee candy corn*
1 12oz. bag of chocolate candy melts
1 bag of Lucy’s Chocolate Chip gluten-free cookies
1 small bag of white or off-white candy-coated chocolates
1  black edible-ink marker

Recipe was developed from the Candy Corn Crawlers recipe by Bakerella.


For each spider, you’ll need one cookie, 12 candy corns, and 2 candy-coated chocolates. To start, to prepare the legs, melt the candy melts per the instructions on the bag. Dip the wide bottom of the candy corn into the melted chocolate candy coating and attach to another piece of candy corn. Hold in place until the chocolate sets. Place in parchment or wax paper to dry. Repeat until you have 6x the number of cookies you are serving (6 legs per spider – or if you’re feeling ambitious, go for the 8 or 10!).

Once you have the legs assembled, you’re ready to start attaching them to the cookies. Dip the short end of the candy corn leg into candy melt and stick it onto the cookie. Hold in place until it dries. Repeat until you’ve put all 6 legs on the cookie. A light touch will prevent the legs from breaking in the process.

Take 2 candy-coated chocolates and draw a black dots on them for the eyes. Put a dab of chocolate candy melt on the back of each candy and place on the cookie where you’d like the eyes to go.

To take it another level, spoon the chocolate candy melt onto the top of the spider’s back and sprinkle chocolate sprinkles or cookie crumble on top.

*We found the Café Favorites Candy Corn made by Brach’s at Walgreen’s. The 15 oz bag had enough candies to make a dozen spiders.