Lucy’s Snack’n Go Chocolate Chip Cookie Packs make the perfect, quick Valentine’s Day gift!

Each snack pack contains three chocolate chip cookies – perfect for a quick sweet treat. Bonus is that the cookies are gluten-free and allergy-free, so they are safe for most kids. We designed print-and-cut Valentine’s messages to make this a fun craft project that is great to do with the whole family.

What you’ll need:

Lucy’s Snack’n Go Packs (6 packs per box)
Printable PDF of the Valentine messages
Stapler or tape or ribbon
Pen or marker


Download them the pdf here: Lucys_Valentines

Once you have the pdf file downloaded, simply print to 8.5″x11″ paper. There are 9 valentines per page, so print as many as you need.

Cut the printed sheets along the dotted lines. Fill out “to” and “from” and add your own custom messages to the blank valentines.

Fasten the slips of paper to each snack pack. We found it easiest to staple the messages right on to the fronts, but adding ribbon or fun tape makes them a bit more festive.

Have fun and post your valentine’s with #lucysglutenfree!