Dress up your milk and cookies for a special all-ages New Year’s Eve celebration. Add festive sprinkle rims to your milk glasses and have the kids help make their very own noise makers. The home-made noise makers are a great way to give the kids an activity to engage them in the holiday festivities.

Start by assembling your supplies. You’ll need:

Gold & Silver sprinkles
2 plates for the sprinkles
Milk (your favorite kind)
Lucy’s Gluten-Free Cookies

Paper tubes (from rolls of paper towels or bath tissue)
Construction Paper
Stickers, washi tape or anything else you’d like to use to decorate the tubes
Tape or glue
Aluminum foil
Beans or rice (or anything that you can shake to make noise in the tubes)

Directions for Sprinkle Rimmed Glasses:

Pour the sprinkles on their own plates that are large enough on which to place the rims of the milk glasses. Dip the rim of each milk glass into icing. (You can also use candy melts, melted chocolate, or honey if you have those on-hand.)

Turn the glass upside down and dip the icing rim into the sprinkles. You might want to tap or twist the glass in the sugar to make sure the sprinkles stick.

Repeat for each glass. When you have them all done, let them sit for a minute or two to dry out the icing. It’ll make it easier to pour in the milk without disturbing the sprinkles. When dry, carefully pour your favorite milk into the glasses and serve with a selection of flavors of Lucy’s cookies.

To make the noise makers, decorate the paper tubes with construction paper, washi tape or stickers. For each tube, cut two squares of aluminum foil. Secure one square on an end with tape or glue. Fill the tube with rice or dry beans (or whatever noise-making bits you have around). Affix the other aluminum square on the open end with tape or glue. If you’re using glue, let the tube dry. Then shake, shake, shake to make some noise!

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