Our crackers have been made the same way since 1828, less the horse.

Our Process

  1. Our bakery used to be horse-powered.
  2. But we mix the same all-natural preservative-free ingredients we have always used.
  3. We let the dough rise til three times its original size.
  4. Rolling out the dough into sheets
  5. Those sheets get folded and folded and folded – the fold makes for a heartier cracker.
  6. Stamping – the heart of the stamping machine is the same one used in the earley days of Westminster.
  7. The great bake – long and slow
  8. Packing – we pack our crackers into single-serve bags or bigger boxes.
  9. Delivered fresh across the country to restaurants, cafeterias, and grocery stores near you.
  10. For you to eat with soup, cheese or as a snack!