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Multigrain Hearty Crackers
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Multigrain Hearty Crackers

Our Multigrain Hearty Crackers are made with soft winter wheat. Flaky and delicious, this Multigrain Cracker is made with simple ingredients including soft winter wheat, baked slow  for a thicker and crunchier cracker. Our Multigrain Crackers are Kosher and plain old good.

All Natural Ingredients

Unbleached wheat flour, water, canola oil, multigrains (wheat grains, rye grains, oat grains, flax seed, millet seeds, teff seed), cane sugar, salt, yeast, and baking soda. 

To my absolute amazement I could not stop eating them. I truly felt like a small child with a bag of their favorite candy. Honestly, I have never tasted a better cracker in my 37 years. Congrats on your incredible product, keep it up, you have a new customer for life.

— Thomas


Our Multigrain Snack Crackers are carried by distributors across the country.  Get in touch with your local representative and see what a difference Westminster Crackers make in your dining experience.

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